Wrist Saver

The cheapest bit of help you could need!
This bit of plastic for 50k is a nice one to have tucked away in the recovery kit. I’ve carried one for years but like the first aid kit happy not to use it!

How does it work? The loop stretches to slip onto your throttle grip. With your palm on the flat it will grip to give you throttle function. As a safety it free spins back so no danger of accidental throttle stick.

So what’s it for?
Referred to as a wrist saver or the poor man’s cruise control some riders will use one if they suffer from arthritis or hand cramps. One bloke I met used one as he reckoned his throttle was heavy? Fix the throttle mate! I don’t suffer from arthritis. Hand cramps either as I’m aware of the importance of hydration. I carry one in the unlikely event of a fall and subsequent hand or wrist injury. Particularly if isolated and the only choice is to ride out this bit of plastic will get you to safety. Pulling a throttle with a broken wrist or hand would presumably be rather painful but with this a little more tolerable and with less risk of futher damage.

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