Hue - Da Nang

Distance: 180 kms

A shorter day distance wise but plenty of stops and photo opportunities along the way. The dawn down on the river is a nice way to start the day. Plenty of locals out and about early also enjoying that.

(A) Just gets you out of the city on the right road to the island and fishing villages.

(B) One of many Temples in the area. Centuries old burial sites are also on the island.

(C) A lovely beach area and (D) plenty of locally caught seafood on offer for lunch.

(E) The top of the Hai Van Pass has been of significant strategic importance in the history of Vietnam. The narrow passage was a major barrier to any land army that attempted to move between the northern and central regions of the country in war times.

It’s easy to get carried away with the riding over the pass but take the time to park safely for a few photos and be mindful of fuel trucks who need some of your side of the road on switchbacks. Unrealistic passing maneuvers are also quite common.

The Monkey Pass (E & F) is another great scenic ride with beautiful views over the coast and Da Nang, Vietnam’s third largest city.

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