LS2 FF399 Valiant – Helmet Review

I like to wear a helmet for a month or so before reviewing it. I will continue to do that but under sufferance having to leave this one at home.
It’s very comfortable and even at higher speeds locked into the full face position surprisingly quiet. Also I find it a comfortably cool helmet. Ventilation is good and the lining material seems to breath well against your skin. I tend to wear it as an open face with the tinted screen down a lot of the time scooting around the city and feel very well protected the way it wraps your face. The integrated tinted visor is a full screen unlike many others that are most often annoyingly short. For a quality ECE rated modular it is very attractively priced also.
As with all modulars the price you pay for the versatility is weight. I’m a big boy and have worn full face helmets all my life so I’m fine with it but for sure it’s a lot of helmet. The removable liner is a bit more difficult to refit after washing than some others but I think I’ll get better at that. It’s great on the big bikes too however you would have to leave it in the full face position to use a standard coms and camera system. There is however a specific system Senna compatible available to overcome this. The clear shield you have to flick up from the top in the full face position which takes a bit of getting used to but no problem once you do.
All in all I love it and I can’t see anything enticing me away from it as a commuter helmet anytime soon. We retail it for 6.2M VND, $265 USD which I know is a lot to justify for many and makes it one of our more expensive helmets but you do get not only great protection but something that’s a pleasure to live with if your like me and spend a lot of time on a bike.
If you think a good helmet is expensive think about what a cheap one might cost you.

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