Pu Luong - Hoa Binh Lake

Distance: 95 kms

I thought I had the mapping from Pu Luong to Ta Xua pretty nailed until I explored this option late last year. We went right through to Bac Yen but this is the way I’ll do it next.

The morning ride through the nature reserve and then up the range is sensational.

(A, B & C) All great view points. The views back over the valley are as good as it gets.

Some interesting riding on the plateau too as very basic living standards and farming techniques.

Later in the morning you’ll encounter the Da River for the first time. As you enter the lakes area the beauty takes another twist. The riding around this lakes area very special. More brilliant drone country.

(D) The Go Lao Waterfall on Hoa Binh Lake is another great swim opportunity and possibly could again coordinate it with lunch if the timings right.

(E) After you check in, possibly as it’s an overshoot, is a great sunset viewpoint.

(F) There are plenty of cheaper options in the area but if you want to spoil yourself this is one of my favourites. Not cheap but so worth it.

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