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On the bird to Thailand for their Moto GP writing this having just been to the Australian event at Phillip Island.

The main race was for the first time rescheduled to Saturday with extreme weather forecast for Sunday. A great decision by the organizers as the Saturday race was brilliant and indeed the weather turned bad to the point, not even the Sprint Race could be held Sunday. That extreme weather extended to Monday when, because I had to catch this flight, sitting it out wasn’t an option. The consistent rain, high winds and very low temperatures, as bad as conditions get, motivated me to write down my thoughts as was front of mind in those first hours Monday morning watching many unprepared battle the conditions.

If not correctly prepared, Comfort, Confidence and in turn Safety is compromised. This Blog is about what you can do and how to prepare for this inclement riding environment.


BEFORE YOU LEAVE ideally the night before, prepare your bike and helmet. A visual check of the bike, tyre’s, chain tension and chain lubricated as usual. In very wet conditions 2psi less pressure in each tyre to increase the contact patch also advised. I carry a pump so very quick and easy to restore them to your usual preferred pressure when the road dry’s.Clean your helmet lens, again as usual, but rain off stray on the outside and anti fog even if using a pinlock is recommended inside.

PREPARING YOURSELF is equally important.
Start with a hot shower if an option and layer dress immediately. I would normally wear heavy winter riding gear for riding the Victorian High Country but because going on to a month riding Thailand this wasn’t an option but knowing the area I did prepare.

As it takes very little space the first thing to pack are long top and bottom thermals. Then layer on top of that until for me the Airtech Riding wear which I would use in hot climate. Wet weather suit straight on even if not raining will block the wind. Once cold, hands and feet particularly will stay cold. I had winter, waterproof gloves and a neck scarf as again they take up very little space when not required. My boots are waterproof so just my one pair of thick socks was adequate. If you don’t have waterproof boots or over boots I recommend thin plastic bags over your socks before putting on your boots on rather than bags over the boots as at least left, gear shift side they often become compromised and ineffective by comparison. Both if very cold works beautifully 🙂

Warm with adequate visibility and knowing your bike is correctly prepared you are comfortable and confident to now take on whatever the weather throws at you. Drop the speed back a bit of course and get it done safely. On a Sport Tourer I was reasonably protected by the bike also but my four mates riding Sport Nakeds were also correctly prepared so what could have been a long arduous few hours was just another riding experience to look back on with fond memories.

Enjoy, ride safe and keep the rubber side down!

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