Cao Bang - Ba Be Lake

Distance: 175 kms

If the border run to Mong Cai or a night on Ha Long Bay don’t grab you but rather an afternoon or even a couple of days relaxing sounds good this is your way back to the Capital.

The Ba Be Lake area is quite unique in many ways. The recently resurfaced road around the edge of the lake is a plus for riders. Another fantastic though short day ride.

This is a great area for a day off the bike but only 135 kms, so you can get it done in the morning and have a lovely afternoon out on the lake as minimum.

The limestone mountains and old growth forest surrounding the biggest natural lake in the country are awesome. There’s caves to explore and a plethora of nature trekking on offer.

Ba in Vietnamese language is three. Three main rivers feed the system which has three islands. It’s 8 km long, up to 29 metres deep and with 6.5 square kilometres of surface area

Accommodation and the boat ride are very cheap. There’s caves and a waterfall, all be it pretty lame compared to Ban Gioc. The afternoon on the water exceptional all the same.

(A & B) Are landmark photo stops
(C) A good rest spot
(D) For a coffee fix
(E) A museum of sorts but also some good local restaurants around for lunch.
(F) Check out the Caves
(G) Where you catch a boat for a number of tours offered.
(H) One of my favourite of the accommodation options.

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