Hue - Khe Sanh

Distance: 195 kms

Get down to the river early. It’s a nice vibe with the locals exercising along the boardwalk and fisherman beating the sun in their open boats.

This isn’t a big day travel time wise but you can burn some time at the stops. A nice early start following the Perfume River out of Hue.

(A, B & C) are all historic points of interest. A good coffee stop right in front at the left turn up the top.

(D) on the map is Hamburger Hill, the site of a significant battle offensive in May 1969. There is a memorial at the top and a number of other sites off the main track.

It’s quite a climb and as I understand it you are supposed to have a guide although I did it by myself. Adds only 15 kms to the day but some time. Take water if tackling this.

Even if you decide against the climb it’s a great area to go exploring off this map in any case. I went alone the first time and all went okay but very remote so I advise sticking to the main tracks if by yourself.

From there we meet up with the HCM Road and follow the Thach Han River. Some really nice swim and photo opportunities along this stretch.

(E) on the map the best of them.

(F & G) again historical sites keeping you on the right path.

(G) is the US Military Combat Base. Opens at 7.30am if you get in late and well worth a look for the modest entry fee. Quite a bit to learn there if you want to commit the time.

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