Phong Nha - Gio Lao

Distance: 300 kms

This looks like a big day but really it isn’t. Open deserted roads so you’ll make good time. Unless coming off the HCM Road the accommodation options today are pretty thin so it’s worth an early start and get it done.

The road into the Laos border is an absolute beauty. Don’t miss that 38k’s each way but obviously by letting it slide you’ll shorten the day significantly. Plenty of trucks, mostly pulling ore out of Laos so you need to be mindful of that. As the photo suggests, not all get it right.

Once back on Uncle Ho’s Road it opens up and is a bit of a transit leg comparatively to your night stop.

(B) The pick up point for a boat tour around the tea farms.

Weather permitting, it’s a pleasant experience and not expensive. I’ve been a few times and never crowded.

Great drone area too. This is one of my favourite low level shots.

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