Monkey / Hai Van Pass

Distance: 100 kms

The Hai Van Pass ’Ocean Cloud Pass’ is around 21 km long but on this Monkey / Hải Vân Pass combo ride we turn back to Danang at the top. To go to the Northern end will add 20km to your day.

This is a memorable day ride full of panoramic city and ocean views. To get away at dawn is very special on the right day.

The first 8 km around the coast has some interesting drop in’s and views through the fishing bay back to the city.

(A) The Lady Buddha is a good early coffee stop. Can walk down to a pebbly beach from here for another coastal perspective.

(B & C) Are the two best coastal viewpoints North of the city.

Once up on top of the Monkey Pass the vista view of the city can’t be beaten without a drone.

(E & F) The better of many great vantage points up there. ‘F’ is a classic 😅

Almost always monkey’s crossing the road or sitting around relaxing, especially during cooler hours of the day. My customer yesterday bought two Cornettos for himself and his girlfriend. This monkey had other ideas. Be mindful they are brazen and sunglasses or even cameras are fair game and impossible to get back.

Plenty of great ocean views on the Hai Van Pass also. The best of it you’ll see on your way back down.

(G) At the top plenty of ladies selling souvenirs, snacks and drinks. A favourite early ride of mine for a Cafe Sua Da.

Historically, the pass was the physical division between the kingdoms of Champa and Dai Viet. Now divides Quang Nam – Danang and Thua Thien Hue Provinces. Also in recent history a holding point for the Southern Vietnam army against the advance of the North during the Vietnam War.

The brick fortresses are quite visibly battle scarred from the gun fire.

(G) On your way back you’ll cross the Han River on the Dragon Bridge. If around 9pm on a weekend quite a site as it emits gas fired breath.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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