Vietnam Riding Climate

I am constantly asked, often the first question, “when is the best time to tour Vietnam”? 

The answer of course is dependant on the area or areas you want to explore. I am always happy to discuss preferences and must do’s with budget in mind, to develop the most rewarding and safest itineraries.

Check out a summary of the weather patterns on the map

I didn’t develop this but had I, there would be little I’d change.

The South extended to Nha Trang though for me. Nothing is perfect and weather patterns vary a little annually but a great map to look over. The South is certainly the safest weather wise all year around and whilst December – April is correct as dry, April is particularly hot in the build up to the wet and uncomfortable to some from colder climates.

The wet season months are also reasonably ride friendly though. Get at it early and you’re normally in and having a beer before the afternoon rain. There are days that are miserable but not many. I ride all year around in the South and it’s awesome if you know the way to go, mountains and coast. 

The Central region again is predicted generally correct on this map but look at forecasts around monsoons particularly. When affected by them no fun on a bike and your safety level is compromised. You will be in some land slide areas in the mountains and the mountains are where you want to be mostly. Coastline below Quy Nhon and around Danang is scenic otherwise ordinary from a motorcycling perspective.

The North is where most get themselves into trouble. When it’s great it is an incredibly wonderful riding and sight seeing experience. A photographers paradise! When it’s not great it can be a very unrewarding and dangerous experience. 

I read the weather so ride myself and recommend to my customers the best of it. I have had customers however disregard my advice and their nightly report is…..freezing cold, clouded in, can’t see anything, not fun. I hope this helps most form a basic understanding. 

For itinerary advice or for hire of the right scooter or motorcycle correct for your needs and experience give me a call.

Trevor Long
Ph: +84 906 849 000 (Whatsapp/Zalo)

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