Da Nang - Hue

Distance: 180 kms

This is a relatively short ride day so no time pressure to get at it early. The early riser though, is regularly rewarded with a beautiful sunrise on busy beaches.

One of my preferred morning beach cities for the vibe. Several ladies in their dancing groups mixing exercise with social entertainment.

For those who get at it early, the morning views from the Monkey Pass over Danang City and from the Hai Van pass of the ocean are quite spectacular so long as there is no low cloud.

For those on automatic transmission scooters delete (A, B & C) as they are now allowed on the Monkey Pass.

You need to be aware that trucks carrying flammables are not allowed in the tunnel so run over the pass. This is less frequent with many using the expressway around behind the pass.

Watch for two coming at you side by side in unrealistic overtaking maneuvers in any case.

(D) Is the coffee stop at the top of the Pass. Plenty of sellers there with souvenirs etc. Some fortresses too, battle scarred from gunfire to hold ground between the North and South historically.

Some nice views coming off the pass on the North side too but keep focused on the job and park safely for photography.

(E) Is your seafood lunch stop right on the beach. A few options in the area. All good, but this one has western seating and always been happy with the food.

(F) After lunch this map will take you to another interesting coastal area. Then onto an island with some interesting and ornate centuries old burial sites.

There is a lot to do around Hue. To the North, the Vinh Moc Tunnels are interesting but nothing further on the coast really. The citadel is right in town. If it’s a hot day, take plenty of water. I find with the high perimeter walls it’s uncomfortably hot in there.

A sunset boat ride up the river for sunset is a nice finish for the day and relatively inexpensive.

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