Cat Tien - Ta Dung

Distance: 200 kms

If you’ve ridden with me or followed our rides you’ll know I enjoy the dawn. This is one of the places the early riser is rewarded. The rogue rooster doing his thing somewhere down the river. Some Gibbons singing if you’re lucky. Just do it!

If you’d like to explore Cat Tien a little. The Gibbon Island tour is informative and a great morning walk through the jungle. The first boat crosses the river at 7am. Check with your accommodation for up to the minute on that.

Go early and you’ll still get this day in but if back to nature is your thing a great area to spend an extra day if you have the time.

This map is around 200 km and is all sealed so a leisurely day with loads of great photo opportunities.

Although Google doesn’t recognise it, there is a bridge between (A) and (B) and it’s a nice way to go. Once over the bridge the map will correct your route.

North with a couple of minor diversions until the left turn West. This stretch is up with my favourite roads in the South. Very open and quiet so on the right machine encourages spirited riding.

(C) is a beautiful area. Often paragliding seen here

You’ll run around the back of the Dong Nai River dam wall which creates the lakes system and the beauty of Ta Dung separating the Dak Nong and Lam Dong provinces.

(D) This Waterfall isn’t up with Vietnam’s most spectacular, but a nice ride in, so worth the detour.

From here to the night stay some great views but keep your focus on the job. Gravel at times kicked onto the road by heavy vehicles.

(E) A good first proper look at the lakes system.

(F) Very impressive also from your night stop.

If travelling with ladies in the group I strongly recommend including this in your itinerary as a night stop. The accommodation really isn’t anything special but food and the views are very good and the place is loaded with interesting photo opportunities that the girls tend to love. At least a lunch stop.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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