Meo Vac - Cao Bang

Distance: 198 kms

Meo Vac is the mountain city, for some reason, I feel a bit drawn too. I’ve always had a good night there but always very different.
The morning walk is peaceful and the surrounding countryside up with the best in the country.

This is, in itself, another cracking ride day but hard to be amazed after the enormity of the previous two days.

More of the same you could say although not on the tourist trail so local traffic only even pre Covid. Tours are either through Ba Be Lakes to Ban Gioc or to Sapa, Ha Giang and the flagpole. Nothing much in the way of attractions but for me it’s one big attraction.

If heavy rain always be mindful in areas with steep cutaways of falling rocks or worst case landslides. Especially where you start to see a few rocks on the roads. The two passes marked on the map are crackers but don’t get off map today. Pretty harsh country.

(A, B, C & E) are photo pins on this map and to keep you going the right way.

(D) I haven’t spoilt with a photo but you’ll know it when you see it. Amazing!

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