Ta Xua - Dien Bien Phu

Distance: 275 kms

You don’t remember every breakfast but you will remember this one. Lots on offer but the hot coffee and skewers take a bit of beating.

Can be fogged right in early and you may want to get on the move before the sun burns it off but the local kids with the cattle women doing the cooking make it quite an experience.

Other mornings if there was a heaven this is what it looks like.

If I’m staying an impromptu day this is it for me and happens often. Such a hard area to drag myself away from.

First up backtracking off the mountain to the village in the valley some areas may be under heavy cloud. Take it easy as the surface is also broken in places.

Then rather than the main road we wind along the river on a great road to meet the main arterial to Son La for lunch. Got a bit chilly last time through there so kitted up!

You’ll see ladies in this area with perfectly groomed hair buns. They are married. If their hair is down, available. These ladies wear their riding cap on top of the bun with extended straps. Some actually get a pod for the bun to fit in riveted into the helmet. Hilarious!!

The road to Dien Bien Phu from Son La is one of the greats. Wide sweeping and heaps of grip. If you’re not getting the pegs down there you won’t anywhere.

I haven’t got the exact location of this photo for some reason but if you spot it on the right hand side just before a left hander had great views and friendly people for a refreshment break.

(G) Is a good clean and tidy hotel. Nothing much has excited me over the years here so if you find a gem let me know.

(H) Is the morning walk.

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