Touring Vietnam

From South East Asia’s tallest mountains to coastal roads carved into granite covered cliffs,
we are blessed with world class riding in a country rich in culture & history. 

"Discover The Wonder"

Travel With Confidence

Vietnam is one of the safest destinations in SE Asia and has become a popular destination for motorcycle touring. Outstanding scenery, world class cuisine and hospitality that is hard to beat. The Vietnamese people are known for their warmth and hospitality and similar to the rest of the world, the further you get from people, the better the people get!

Motorbike Rentals

50cc to 750cc with a choice of auto and semi-auto scooters. Dedicated touring bikes including Honda Future 125, XR150, CB500X and Transalp 750.
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Tour Planning

We share our expert local knowledge and passion for motorcycle touring to make your trip the best experience it can be.
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Guided Tours

For those wanting a fully hosted tour inclusive of English speaking guides, quality accommodation and bikes.

Touring With Us

Saigon Motorcycles offers premium quality motorcycles and expert local knowledge for an unforgettable adventure in Vietnam.

With over a decade of experience, we provide detailed routes, accommodations, and support for a hassle-free tour.

Tour Planning

50+ detailed routes

Included with every touring rental:

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Start Your Adventure Today

Choose your bike and contact us now to begin planning your dream motorcycle tour in Vietnam.

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I am Trevor Long, founder and General Director of Saigon and Danang Motorcycles. I moved here in 2012 to extend my business interests and never left. After touring Australia extensively over almost 30 years I fell in love with the motorcycling freedom and incredibly beautiful environment my passion rewarded me here. This isn’t a hobby for me it’s a way of life. 

After 25 years in the Paintball industry, in 2014 it was time for change. I had by then already ridden the country extensively and was horrified with the un-necessary risk i seen riders putting themselves at. Poor bike maintenance, a lack of riding courtesy and etiquette, sub standard behavior and correct rider protection almost unheard of. All based on a lack of education and availability of choice. 

Starting Saigon Motorcycles in 2014 was originally a way to begin to make a difference through education and to provide adequate rider protection options. Nothing has changed there but I also grew to understand the importance from a riders perspective of taking the roads less travelled here. 

The main arterials where Google sends most users simply add risk and lessen reward and enjoyment. Over the years riding the entire country year on year I have developed detailed maps which take in the best sites but most importantly keep my riders on the best and safest riding routes. 

Enjoy what is without question one of the world’s great touring countries and I am happy and proud to be able to help you do that the best way possible. I will always find time to discuss the best options based on your time frame, preferences and budget in our various regions and weather patterns.

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