Tyre Pressure. Keep Yours Correct!

I am committed to ride safe practice and educate my staff to understand the importance of this also. What you wear is important around consequence for sure but your bike correctly maintained helps in the “likelihood” of an accident department.

EVERYONE should be carrying a tyre pressure guage under their bike seat but quality, accurate ones are hard to find here. So easy to use a child can do it

Tyres at the incorrect pressure are the leading contributor to avoidable accidents in my opinion.

Tyres run under pressure excentuates tyre wear and if very low will ruin the tyre completely. Generally inexperienced riders will only realise the tyre pressure is low when the bikes handling is adversely affected. By then braking performance is also compromised.

Most roadside “tyre guys” don’t have guages. Your tyre gets to the point it’s obviously, even to the novice, under inflated so you stop for air. For your 5k the “tyre guy” equalises your tyre with the compressor, typically in the 50-70psi range. At this pressure the tyre is as hard as a bulls forehead, will not compress to provide a traction patch under heavy braking but rather slides out and down you go. Happens every day

CORRECT tyre pressures for a Scooter generally is 33psi front and 36psi rear measured COLD in this riding environment. Dirt bikes lower and bigger roadies a little higher possibly dependent on application. One or two psi each side is acceptable generally. I often find these over 70psi and so low they don’t register on the gauge.

Drop by any of our shops and we are happy to check your tyres and adjust them to the correct pressure anytime.

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