Danang - Khe Sanh via Hue

Distance: 370 kms

At 370 km this won’t be for everyone. Done it many times though and best done with a dawn start and breakfast in Hue. Easy and very rewarding if getting at it early.

The Monkey Pass is a great dawn ride if you are up for it and time wise will set you up for the day. Sensational views over the city and the sunrise over the ocean if you’re lucky.

Doing the Hai Van Pass and directly to Khe Sanh via the QL14 will cut it to 190 km and will still be a great ride. The same distance, but quicker time wise if you do the inland 14B and onto the 14 option.

This might be worth considering in really bad weather if the Hai Van Pass is fogged in. Also a great ride. Refer to that route option.

Coffee over the Hai Van Pass and stick with the coast through the fishing village to Hue for breakfast ideally.

Danang-Khe Sanh-12

I’ve mapped it this way to take in points of interest and if you want a night in Hue it works both days. If you choose to do that, some good options are added in the accommodation options. There’s plenty to see around Hue so if your time permits it is highly recommended.

(F) one of my favourites for that.
(G) a Buddhist Temple to keep you on track out along the banks of the Perfume River.
(H) is quite a climb but very rewarding. A guide is recommended as I now understand but I went solo. Information on that in the notes.

Some swim opportunities along the Thach San River on the ride to Khe Sanh.

Not much in Khe Sanh other than the Military Combat Base which is worth planning to visit on your way out in the morning. Opens at 8am.

(A & B) are great photo stops.
(C) is your morning coffee stop with a lot of history.
(D & E) just keep you on the water and off the A1 to Hue.
(F) a good breakfast option.
(G) to take you the best way out of the city. A Buddhist Temple there as well
(H) Hamburger Hill only if you’re feeling fit. Take water!

(I) Great views from the accommodation option this map takes you to on the outskirts of town. Historically, not too many choices in Khe Sanh but a few now to consider in the area.

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