Tam Coc - Hanoi

Distance: 135 kms

Without going stupidly out of the way a stretch on the A1 is unavoidable on your way towards the Capital. As you get closer though the pins on this map takes you around the worst of it on top of a levee bank.

We run along that to within a few kilometres of the Southern side of the city.
Be particularly aware of other road users into Hanoi. If you think HCM drivers and riders are reckless wait until you see the antics of some of these characters

If your stay in the Old Quarter is a weekend the Hoan Kiem Lake just a few minutes walk is shut off to traffic and a pretty cool scene. ‘Note Coffee’ on your right as you approach the lake do a great job of the morning caffeine fix.

Plenty of option bars and food options wise in this area also.

The Tay Ho, West Lakes area is the other to consider for your accommodation. Most expats live in this area and also has plenty of great restaurant and bar options.

The morning walk around this lake is exceptional as far as major cities go.

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