Dien Bien Phu - Sa Pa

Distance: 338 kms

Although this reads at 338 kms, 60 kms is cut off if you don’t take the hydro dam detour. The ride is pretty open so with an early start you should be able to do at least some of it comfortably.

You’ll see many Muong Villagers in traditional dress out of town. Unfortunately in recent years this in tourist areas has become very commercial but out here genuine country people .

(E) On your way into Sapa, Mount Fansipan, Indochina’s highest peak really is a sight to behold if the weather is right.

Probably worth a hotels search here with so much on offer. I’ve stayed in a variety of accommodation but if your budget allows this is my favourite. Location, views and awesome views from an exceptional pool.

If you are planning to explore Sapa and would like a guide I highly recommend A, pronounced ‘Ahh’ –  0947 360 557, WhatsApp also. Lovely girl, native to the area with great English and a sense of fun.

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