Danang - My Son Loop

Distance: 110 kms

I’m not a big fan of Temples but this World Heritage listed site is worth visiting while in the area. My Son dates back to the 4th century and while much of it is in ruin many of the Hindu Cham temples have stood the test of time.

(A) Straight to the main parking and entry point to beat the heat.

A golf cart takes you to site from the entrance then on foot and it can be hot so take water. The parking guys will mind your helmet and jacket. No Drones allowed apparently 🤫

Many restaurants around the area offer Be Thui. Rare cooked Veal wrapped in a leaf with vegetables. Quite a treat and not often offered.

(B) Over Thu Bon River to (C) is this interesting old brick kiln in the middle of the paddies. There is a Cafe and It offers some amazing photo opportunities.

(D) If you haven’t already eaten this mob, do exceptional Burgers.
(E) A nice little beach stop for an ice cream.
(G) Marble Mountain on the way home if you’ve not already visited it.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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