Hoang Su Phi - Dong Van

Distance: 260 kms

The early ride to Ha Giang is pretty simple and as always best to get away early. Today is a photographer’s wet dream so lots to take in. Watch your speed around Ha Giang. The police are used to tourists, speak English and are very friendly but do it by the book. 700k my biggest fine ever 60 in a 50.

(A) A waterfall and early coffee stop.

(B) Out the North side of Ha Giang, Bac Sum Pass is another good stop for a break and food if you’re ready with a view tower for photos if the weather is clear.

(C) Just up the road is this popular coffee stop with great views. This is a high motorcycle tourist area and part of the well marketed ‘Ha Giang Loop’. Mostly foreigners and most inexperienced so take care around them.

(D) Plenty of great riding today and this is mapped to get you on the best of it. Nothing technical but exceptional in all aspects.

(E) Is one of the viewpoints to this rather famous section of road.

Drop (F & G) off this map to cut 30km off if short on time. Can back-track to the Northern most point tomorrow with an early start.

(H) A great panoramic view and where you will turn for the descent into Dong Van. In wet conditions particularly lots of leaf litter on this section can be hazardous if unaware.

(I) My favourite of the accommodation I’ve tried here. Plenty on offer these days though.

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