Ba Be Lake - Hanoi

Distance: 195 kms

This is a relatively simple run on good roads but as you get close to the capital and the roads become busier don’t let the isolation of the past days lull you into complacency.

In 2019 we rode through the eye of Tropical Storm Wipha on this route. Torrential rain and I was the only one prepared for that.

No choice to lay up for a day either, as the purple Teletubbie of these two had to fly home with no day to spare.

The next little issue, a landslide. We were first on the scene and concerned there might be people trapped. An 80km detour but all ended well.

Some of the detour flattened out a bit towards the end but whilst still in the mountains as the rain persisted, very aware of the rockfall risk.

If you think HCM drivers and riders are reckless wait until you see the antics of some of these Muppets. They will make eye contact and still pull out. It’s like they’re stamping their authority.

So much choice in either Lake area so a hotel’s search for a bargain is the best advice here. A couple I stayed at in the Old Quarter and one at Tay Ho that were okay in the accommodation options.

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