Sorrento Beach Club - Whale Island

Distance: 275 kms

The dawn is always out the front over the water and a good place to enjoy it from. An early swim, an early start on the bike or a relaxing breakfast from 7.30am all great options here.

If the weather is right there’s lots to see today and the coast ride at dawn is stunning if you’re up for it.

Some great photo opportunities including a quaint fishing village in a protected bay. I’ve marked numerous on the map but often through here now I’m so into the ride I bypass most. For safety use the well located parking bays. Tour buses frequent the area these days.

(A-D) on the map are great photo stops but plenty on offer.

(E) over the bridge to get you off the highway.

(F) is a great stop. Good food option right on the sand if you missed breakfast. The burgers are exceptional.

(G) is a good little pub run by Andy and Van if it’s getting around lunch time.

(H) you could give a miss if time is stretched but worth the diversion if not. Alternatively some great accommodation down there if you want to pull up short.

(I) I love this peaceful bay and the sister restaurant also pretty good though by road better to it than the rocky path if coming home in the dark after a few beverages:) Great fishing spot if you’re like me and take a pack rod.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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