Cao Bang - Ban Gioc Waterfall Return

Distance: 192 kms

This is a really fun day, especially with a good crew. The ride is pleasant but not challenging. The roads are more open and the speed considerably higher so you’ll make good time. I recommend an early start though because you can spend hours enjoying the off time.

(A) This first detour is worth it. Wasn’t brave enough to run the drone through the middle but doable I think if a bit closer to it. Get it wrong though and the final flight for sure.

(B & C) Are interesting photo stop areas along the way.

The enormity of the falls is quite amazing. The visual the first time you see them has quite a bit of wow factor. Even in the dry season I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

 My first time there with this wild mob was, shall we say, memorable. As was that entire tour actually.

There’s plenty of food and beverage on offer so allow plenty of time at the falls. Also a lot of cool souvenir sellers if you want to take something home.

There are no swimming signs everywhere but we decided this didn’t apply to Aussies. These photos are my first time and swam every time since. The sound and the power of the water off the falls is very impressive. An experience not to be missed.

There are guards with whistles but this Aussie mob have bad hearing and they gave up. Busy stopping others trying to follow our lead though.

Tourists are well catered for with activities. There are tourist boats on both the Vietnam and China side of the falls. The boat ride too, worth the minimal fee.

I’ve got you on a loop and the run back is an excellent part of this ride. We start following the river which is the China border then for many maybe in over a month you turn to head South.

(E) is a detour to some caves but not this one pictured which is over our route. A big surprise for me the first time I approached it. Not something you see everyday.

(F) will get you back to town and (G) to my preferred accommodation.

Full route maps, accommodation and food information (excluded from the above itinerary) will come with all our touring rental bikes.

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